Murika the Beautiful Series #10

Studies show that diverse societies like the United States are more creative. Despite this scientific evidence, many people have a negative view of the increased diversity in America and believe that some people are dangerous and should be banned. The fear of being marginalized has empowered white supremacist groups and contributed to a dramatic increase in hate crimes fueling tensions within the country.
The tension generated by an increasingly diverse country is compounded by a growing trend toward anti-intellectualism. There are several consequences of this anti-intellectualism. Civil discourse and open dialogue based on reasoned arguments have become the exception and not the norm. People are becoming increasingly mistrustful of established science. There is an increasing number of people who believe in pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. Our society is beginning to view education as an unnecessary luxury or simply a way to increase one’s earning potential. (Strauss, 2014) The educational system that helped establish America as a world leader has come under attack by those who promote alternate education policies. News sources are often viewed as being unreliable or as reporting biased opinions.
Technology has inadvertently fueled the flames of ignorance through the way that Americans receive and consume information. The new technologies have enabled the delivery of specialized messages designed for a narrow subset of the population, further isolating Americans from any points of view that differs from those they hold as true. Instead of bringing people together, social media has been used to spread misinformation and spark conflict. Thanks to technology, we can frame the world however we want.